What is a SITEFling…?

How We Help You Get More Visitors & Sales

At SITEFling you’ll find articles, case studies, interviews, reports, and tutorials all about the subjects of website traffic and website optimization. Imagine a mechanic shop where they turn junkyard cars into hot rods. That’s what SITEFling does for websites.

We teach you (or even sometimes do it for you) how to take an under-performing website and turn it into an automated profit center. If you’re website isn’t the hardest working most profitable employee in your business then you need SITEFling.

We’ll turn your website from a billboard in the desert no one see’s, into an interactive 24-hour-a-day salesman that attracts the masses, converts them to leads, and spits out new customers every day.

Bold claims… However, after 6 years of backing up those claims we’re confident you’ll agree with us if you stick around.

Who Is Behind The Scenes of SITEFling?

Justin & Chaunna Brooke

My name is Justin Brooke, but you keep hearing me refer to an “us” or “our” well that’s because I’m talking about my wife and I. We run this site and several others together.

My wife, Chaunna (shaw-nuh), used to be an award winning 3rd grade teacher.

I used to brag about how I made her whole 2 week paycheck in one night. Just so I could get her to quit her job and come home with me. I just didn’t want to keep driving her to work at 6am… I was trying to live the Internet lifestyle!

After I hit 6 figures in one year she decided to come on board with me. She has her own sites and I have my own, but we work on them together. SITEFling is where we teach people what, why, and how we do it.

Since those days of just starting out we have built up 3 different sites to a six figure income and sold them off to investors. We don’t subscribe to the “launch new products every couple of months” kind of marketing.

We believe in REAL marketing…

Meaning creating products that sell long term, for a fair price, and that overdeliver for the customer.

This Is a Sampling of What SITEFling Methods Can Do For You…

extremely high conversion stats screenshots

Our Methods Have Gained Us Recognition & Respect Across The Marketing Industry


How Can We Help You?

We’ve helped everyone from rookies to millionaires get more traffic.

Surely, we’ve got some nuggets of wisdom that will help you too.

If website traffic has been elusive to you, it’s not your fault…

Magicians use distraction to show you one thing while they secretly do another behind their back. That’s exactly what the gurus have been doing to you with their traffic strategies. I don’t need to keep you on some kinda hook, I make my money from my clients. That’s why I can share my best traffic strategies with you and they can’t.

You DO NOT have to be a guru to use the 21 traffic sources on this free spreadsheet.

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“We made over $9,000 in one weekend using one of Justin’s strategies!” – AlejandroReyes.com