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This is a guest post written by David Schloss. You can check him out at Video marketing for the local business owners starts with YouTube. You have probably watched a video or two on the site before, and chances are you have frequented the site to find information in the past. Would you have [...]


Image via Flickr This is a guest post written by David Schloss. You can check him out at Video marketing is one of the hot methods of marketing to be embraced by online marketers today. It used to be said that every successful website and blog needed images in addition to text. Today, many [...]



Whether it be on Youtube, a product demo, video salesletter, or creating video based information products – video is here and you should be using it in some form. Some people say “Don’t worry it’s ok if you don’t feel like doing video, just stick to what you are comfortable with.” Which is good advice [...]



Website traffic is the #1 thing separating the lions from the lambs. Those who have it thrive and those who don’t, fall to the wayside. But it’s important that you don’t treat all traffic the same. After more than a billion ad impressions and several million clicks to my sites I’ve learned that there are [...]


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Earlier this week, John Carlton, a legend in the copywriting industry had what I believe was his first Ustream show. A few VERY loyal fans say that it went well, but what I watched was a marketing catastrophe. John’s booboo inspired me to write this post to help others not make the same mistakes. There [...]


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Originally today’s blog post was supposed to be so controversial that it seriously could be either career ending or make thousands fall in love with me. Before you think I’ve put my tail between my legs, I was actually advised by a lot of people to just double check that I have all my facts [...]