Traffic Generation


Now I could be wrong but I believe you have a dream… Traveling, working from home, not worrying about bills anymore, maybe even buying some luxury things. My dream happened while out working on a construction site. It was to never sweat for a living again and to work from home doing something sitting down. [...]


Here’s a clip from our live Tuesday’s Twenty Minute Tackle show that goes on every Tuesday night at 11pm eastern. If you’re not attending these live events then your missing out on prizes, networking, and live support for your biz. In this episode I felt like we jumped around a little bit more then usual, [...]


Zipped Lips

There’s a handful of marketers that will be pissed off with me after this post for talking about these traffic tactics. This is some serious hush hush stuff like talking about Daddy being Santa Claus in front of a 4yr old. Even my wife will be a little upset, she hates that I never keep [...]