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Boy oh boy am I doing a rough job at keeping up the content on this blog. Bare with me for a bit longer though as I still have some muscles left in these fingers. I just been really busy with a transition period in my business. I still owe you a KILLER post about [...]


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Yesterday, Maki (owner of wrote a blog post titled “Marketing your Website Without Search Engines.” I’ve always said, when teaching traffic strategies the Google is not the only game in town. In fact when you get down to specific topics Google is sometimes one of the smallest traffic sources. For example let’s say you [...]


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Earlier this week, John Carlton, a legend in the copywriting industry had what I believe was his first Ustream show. A few VERY loyal fans say that it went well, but what I watched was a marketing catastrophe. John’s booboo inspired me to write this post to help others not make the same mistakes. There [...]


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Tuesday’s Twenty Minute Tackle airs every Tuesday at 11am Mountain (1pm Eastern). Catch the live shows so you can participate in the conversations. Ask questions, get answers, network with other web business owners.


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Originally today’s blog post was supposed to be so controversial that it seriously could be either career ending or make thousands fall in love with me. Before you think I’ve put my tail between my legs, I was actually advised by a lot of people to just double check that I have all my facts [...]