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Here’s a clip from our live Tuesday’s Twenty Minute Tackle show that goes on every Tuesday night at 11pm eastern. If you’re not attending these live events then your missing out on prizes, networking, and live support for your biz. In this episode I felt like we jumped around a little bit more then usual, [...]


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Recently there seems to be a huge wave of people getting in their own way regarding making money online. What I mean by that is they are so close to the money, they have all the skills they need, they have all the tools, but then something in their mindset is stopping them from actually [...]


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This week we just have an audio for you. It’s almost an hour long, it’s the answer to “how do I get started,” and it’s the end of your beginning. Once you listen to this audio, you shouldn’t have a single excuse for not becoming wildly successful online. The “guru’s” would add fluffed up transcripts [...]


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Before we get started I have to get something out of the way. The last thing I want is for someone to discredit this post thinking it was just a cleverly disguised promotion to one of my products. At the end of this post I AM going to offer one of my products as a [...]


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This weekend I was invited to Dave Lakhani’s “How to be a profitable persuasive speaker” workshop. The video below is the result of that workshop. I’ve only ever spoken in front of a crowd a couple times. If you want to know who the real Justin Brooke is, the dirty laundry and all, then watch [...]