increase website conversions


Making a purchase is an emotional act. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. In order to sell your products you must engage and persuade your readers. It’s that simple. So here are 6 ways to involve your readers. Apply these tactics in your writing and you’ll sell more, and who wouldn’t love that? 1. Questions [...]



When it comes to conversions most people talk about headlines, the offer and other standard copywriting stuff. But today I’d like to discuss the biggest hindrance that I experience with conversions and traffic and pretty much everything to do with my business actually and it has nothing to do with standard copywriting practices taught by conversion [...]


Make The Decision Easy

Was Bob Barker really a ninja marketer who was sent though the airwaves in an attempt to make you a better marketer? After examining game shows a little closer, I think it’s quite possible. Let me explain. How many times have you seen a game show where the contestant is given 3 doors to choose [...]


Increase Website Conversions With Bonuses

One of the easiest ways to increase conversions is to offer a killer bonus. Everyone likes to get more for their time or money, and a bonus is an easy way to give them just that. Whether you want someone to fill out a survey or buy a product through your affiliate link, nothing is [...]