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For quite awhile now bloggers have been rejoicing in this little known traffic method. Their secret is up now though, the mainstream has caught on to their little gem. If you play well with others and know how to share then you too can cash on this strategy. How Blog Carnivals Work I normally explain [...]



It’s no secret that press releases can be extremely useful for getting free traffic to your website. I can remember a few years ago when a traffic course released training on a “new traffic source” (press releases). This course showed how just one press release could send thousands of free visitors to your website. NOT [...]



FIRST, A CAUTION BECAUSE WE CARE I wanted to start out today’s post with a caution to all of our readers. Today’s topic on torrent traffic is an awesome way to explode your traffic with free resources that you put out on the web. However, torrents are most popular in the “hacker” side of the [...]



Hey All! Chaunna Here… I know I only sneak onto post every once in a while, but Justin asked me to talk a little about how I used ebook syndication to start driving traffic to a side project I was working on. So here it goes: Towards the end of 2010, I started up a [...]


ABC Linking Strategy

Almost 3 months ago I wrote “How The Porn Guys Do Things” and since then it’s been read by over 2,100 people. It’s one of our top 3 most read blog posts. So I thought I’d keep it going as a running series. In this episode of the series we’re going to learn about “ABC [...]


Zipped Lips

There’s a handful of marketers that will be pissed off with me after this post for talking about these traffic tactics. This is some serious hush hush stuff like talking about Daddy being Santa Claus in front of a 4yr old. Even my wife will be a little upset, she hates that I never keep [...]


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There is nothing more crucial to successfully bootstrapping your business than free marketing. This is my personal check list for every website I start. Not only will this drive traffic to your businesses web presence, but can also get you a free high ranking Google listing. From what I hear, having a link to your [...]