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There’s a handful of marketers that will be pissed off with me after this post for talking about these traffic tactics. This is some serious hush hush stuff like talking about Daddy being Santa Claus in front of a 4yr old. Even my wife will be a little upset, she hates that I never keep [...]


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Yesterday, Maki (owner of wrote a blog post titled “Marketing your Website Without Search Engines.” I’ve always said, when teaching traffic strategies the Google is not the only game in town. In fact when you get down to specific topics Google is sometimes one of the smallest traffic sources. For example let’s say you [...]


Last week I explained the problem most rookie Internet marketers have that keeps them from making any money online. Then I gave you a plan for getting out of that viscous cycle. I also promised you that I’d show you what the next levels look like. For example if we compared Internet marketing or making [...]


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There is nothing more crucial to successfully bootstrapping your business than free marketing. This is my personal check list for every website I start. Not only will this drive traffic to your businesses web presence, but can also get you a free high ranking Google listing. From what I hear, having a link to your [...]