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When I first started out online I quickly learned the mantra “the money is in the list.” I heard that all over the forums and so I decided that list building would be the best way to go. You often hear people describe a list as a “lifetime asset” but I recently learned that the [...]


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This is a guest blog post by, Marc Eglon, the creator of Rockstar Listbuilding and Editor at Silicon Shovel. When he’s not building websites or mountain biking in the woods, you can find him on twitter. Building a passionate tribe of subscribers that buy from you, trust you, and follow your advice requires finesse. You [...]


Internet Marketing Toolbox

Yesterday someone left a comment here on my blog asking me what I thought about Aweber. My immediate thought was “OMG what would I do without it! Then it got me thinking about what else couldn’t I live without? These 5 tools have changed my life, without them I really wouldn’t know how to do [...]


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Let’s talk a little about list building tonight. I don’t exactly have the same views as most people and it seems to be working out for me. You see… When someone mentions listbuilding most of us, including me, immediately starts thinking of a big huge list. However, I’m here to say that I’ve found in [...]