When it comes to conversions most people talk about headlines, the offer and other standard copywriting stuff. But today I’d like to┬ádiscuss the biggest hindrance that I experience with conversions and traffic and pretty much everything to do with my business actually and it has nothing to do with standard copywriting practices taught by conversion [...]


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Today’s post comes from a friend of ours on Twitter – his name is Chris web. He put together an awesome article for you today. Chris Webb runs Really Useful Web Apps, a desktop software suite for Bloggers & Internet Marketers that helps you to get traffic, manage social media and more. Really Useful Web [...]


Here’s a clip from our live Tuesday’s Twenty Minute Tackle show that goes on every Tuesday night at 11pm eastern. If you’re not attending these live events then your missing out on prizes, networking, and live support for your biz. In this episode I felt like we jumped around a little bit more then usual, [...]


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Earlier this week while I was out to lunch with Russell Brunson I made a faux pas that had us nearly in tears laughing. Here’s how it went down… So we’re trading marketing tips back and forth, me with tips for improving his affiliate program, him with tips for my new coaching program coming out [...]


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I have such a love hate relationship with the “make money online” industry. I love that it’s a vehicle for people to reach their dreams, but I hate that so many people are so jaded by the “gurus” who irresponsibly market their products. For example, look at most peoples opinions on getting traffic vs. copywriting. [...]