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Website traffic is the #1 thing separating the lions from the lambs. Those who have it thrive and those who don’t, fall to the wayside. But it’s important that you don’t treat all traffic the same. After more than a billion ad impressions and several million clicks to my sites I’ve learned that there are [...]


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Yesterday, Maki (owner of wrote a blog post titled “Marketing your Website Without Search Engines.” I’ve always said, when teaching traffic strategies the Google is not the only game in town. In fact when you get down to specific topics Google is sometimes one of the smallest traffic sources. For example let’s say you [...]


Last week I explained the problem most rookie Internet marketers have that keeps them from making any money online. Then I gave you a plan for getting out of that viscous cycle. I also promised you that I’d show you what the next levels look like. For example if we compared Internet marketing or making [...]