Affiliate Marketing

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Ok so, for the past 3 months I’ve been getting more and more messages from close friends and family asking how they can get started doing “what I do.” What most of them don’t know is how much work actually goes into running an online business from home (I often feel like the picture lol). [...]


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This weeks episode reveals a HUGE blow to our eCig affiliate campaign. The affiliate network I’m with switched out my offer (the one that was converting) with a crappy offer! Couldn’t believe it when I went to see why my traffic wasn’t converting earlier this week. So, I’ve put the campaign on hold and I’m [...]


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In this episode we explain why we switched over to video format from the old Facebook Fan Page notes at – Then we talked about why I switched shopping carts. I did not have good experiences with Rapid Action Profits, but I am LOVING Nanacast Then we talk about my eCig website over at [...]


Twitter Screenshot PRoof

first let me say that this method IS NOT about infecting people with viruses to get traffic. It does however come from people having viruses on their computer… Let me explain… The image above is a screenshot showing proof of the traffic method I’m about to tell you about. You’ll need a twitter account and [...]


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This week we just have an audio for you. It’s almost an hour long, it’s the answer to “how do I get started,” and it’s the end of your beginning. Once you listen to this audio, you shouldn’t have a single excuse for not becoming wildly successful online. The “guru’s” would add fluffed up transcripts [...]


Clickbank Affiliate Nicknames

If you’re promoting Clickbank products in the “make money online” niche chances are you’re sales are leaking out all over the place. This reason alone could be why you think “it doesn’t work.” Here are my top tools and methods for plugging the leaks in your Clickbank affiliate marketing… 1.) The Commission Hijacking Hole This [...]


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So many businesses are getting it wrong by trying to do all their own marketing. It’s impossible, it costs too much money. You’ll do so much better by following this little formula… Add an affiliate program to your business Recruit affiliates to promote your business (customers are the best for this) Hire experts to do [...]