5 Ways To Use Video Marketing On The Internet

by Justin

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Video Marketing

This Is The Future

Whether it be on Youtube, a product demo, video salesletter, or creating video based information products - video is here and you should be using it in some form.

Some people say “Don’t worry it’s ok if you don’t feel like doing video, just stick to what you are comfortable with.”

Which is good advice to a point, but in reality you’re cutting out a large audience and missing out on one of the largest marketing channels currently available.

You don’t have to get in front of the camera either, here’s a few different ways I’m using video marketing on the Internet these days.

#1 Video Salesletters

I can attribute tens of thousands of dollars to using video salesletters in my marketing. You can tell they work REALLY well when just about every product launch these days, even in non-IM niches, are using video salesletters.

You might hate them, you might dislike that they force you to watch the whole thing, but the data is overwhelming. THEY WORK! In fact my video salesletter conversions have been as much as 10x higher than my written copy.

All you need to create one is a screencapture program like ScreenFlow or Camtasia and presentation software like Powerpoint (I use Google Docs). You can even outsource the video creation part by just recording your voice and then hiring someone to create text slides that are timed to your audio (this will cost a bit).

Here’s My Process In a Nutshell

  1. Nothing else on the page except for a very small line of text that tells the viewer how long the video is
  2. Skip the graphics unless it helps sell the product (ecovers, product shots, testimonials, proof)
  3. Start out with a non-salesy introduction to suck the viewer in (don’t lead with “Hey want to buy this”)
  4. Promise the viewer what they’ll learn or receive by watching the whole video
  5. Show them you’ve had the same problems they are having
  6. Deliver a killer lesson that is highly relevant to your product
  7. Introduce your product as the solution you created to solve the problems you and them are having
  8. Do at least 3 price drops and reveal at least 2 bonus
  9. Show the final price ONLY at the end of the video and include a REAL urgent reason to buy
  10. Make sure you give them instructions, link, button, or some way to order at the end

Obviously, normal good copy elements like proof, testimonials, and benefits still apply. However, I find making video salesletters a lot easier than writing long form written salesletters. You will want to make sure that the order button NEVER appears before it’s supposed too.

Some people are using time delay order buttons but I’ve seen these reduce my conversions. Not everyone watches your video salesletter immediately. Some people press pause and when they come back your time delay order button has already triggered. Which lets the cat out of the bag too early.

To host my video salesletters I use EasyVideoPlayer Pro which lets me remove the player controls and host the file in Amazon S3.

These two steps are very important because you don’t want people fast forwarding your video and seeing your price before the value has been established. You also don’t want to host your own video files because they are LARGE and will kill your bandwidth, so use Amazon’s service, it cost just pennies in comparison.

EDIT: I’m finding it hard to explain this topic in detail with just the space of a blog post. I feel I’ve done a good job of covering the crucial parts, but I normally teach this in a 90 minute long webinar. I also don’t want to always be saying “Learn more in our mastermind program” because I’m sure that would get annoying.

Just know that everything I talk about on this blog is explained to the best of my ability for the space I have and if you want to learn more we have in-depth lessons in our SiteFling mastermind program. That’s the last I’ll mention it.

#2 Product Demos & Free Tours

The biggest problem people have with shopping online is they don’t get to pick up the item, feel it, and see it with their own eyes.

Imagine going to a book store and only being able to read a catalog of the books available but not look through them. It would make your buying experience that much harder, but with video you can let them see inside your product.

No matter what you are selling online you should always include a video that shows someone interacting with your product. This lets your viewer be able to see hwo it works, how it looks, and have that feeling that they’ve seen it with their own eyes and it’s exactly what they want.

This is especially true for software sellers and anyone with a membership site. Take the mystery out of the purchase and show them how great your product is.

Bonus Tip*

If you are an affiliate marketer you stand a great chance of standing out in your market just by showing people product demos of all the different products available. Imagine showing video comparisons of the products you are an affiliate for and live examples of you using the products. There are tons of wide open markets ready and waiting for affiliates willing to use this strategy.

#3 Video Blogging aka Vlogging

Youtube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world and just like you worry about ranking #1 in Google, you should also be worrying about ranking #1 in Youtube as well.

If you don’t feel confident enough to get in front of the camera you can just do short recorded powerpoint presentations. You’ll still get all the ebenefits of being in Youtube, the ranking bonus Google gives Youtube videos, and delivering great content to people looking for stuff in your market.

Here’s an example of one I did…

I recommend you look up 20 – 30 different questions your market has, find out the hot keywords around those topics, and create one short video for each question. Use the hot keyword you found in the title of your video, in the description, and as a tag. Then when you post the video take the URL of the video over to PingoMatic.com and ping it.

If the keyword didn’t already have a bunch of video made about it then you stand a chance to rank on the first page of Google just from putting up that video. Now just make sure your website is mentioned in the video and as a full http:// URL inside your video description.

People will start finding your videos, because they really have those questions you researched, and if they like your answers they’ll head over to your site to find more of your stuff. Don’t stop after the first batch of questions either. Look in the forums, other blogs, and survey the market to find out more stuff they want to know.

Video marketing on the Internet is WIDE OPEN still. It looks like it’s big already but the surface isn’t even scratched. We don’t even have cable TV anymore, we just pipe our Internet over to our TV and use a ROKU box. Our biggest complaint is that there’s not enough niche channels to watch. Get started now and you could be on TV very soon as Internet TV starts catching on more and more!

Bonus Tip*

I made my first big money online selling video tutorials about someone else’s software. If you are an affiliate marketer you could make one video tutorial per week about the most used tools/software in ANY niche market and attract a large audience.

#4 Creating Video Courses

Ebooks are great, but Amazon is making everyone believe ebooks should only be $9.99. If Donald Trump’s book is $9.99 what makes yours worth so much more?

Now, I’m not saying no one can sell ebooks for more than $9.99 but I am saying you have a new objection to cover thanks to Amazon. Instead of creating ebooks I like to create video courses.

Again it doesn’t have to be hard. I normally just create a detailed powerpoint presentation and record myself talking through it. This lets me deliver a high quality lesson in video format. Plus, because it’s a video series it’s perceived as more valuable.

Even better than powerpoint video courses, is full blown tutorials. I made my first 6 figures online selling a series of 19 video tutorials. Actually, I didn’t even make the videos, I bought a license to sell them from the guy who did make them.

I saw that everyone else in this market was selling ebooks so I came in selling a series of video tutorials and my sales took off! When it comes to software, people have a hard time reading instructions on how to use it. They want to see someone pressing the buttons and what happens when they do.

What software could you create video tutorials about? Do you have a book your could turn into a video course?

#5 Livestreaming

For over 2 years my wife and I used Ustream.TV to broadcast a live QnA style web show every Tuesday night. It let us bond with our customers and subscribers so much more than just blogging or sending them emails.

There’s an amazing thing that happens when someone is sitting in their home watching you sitting in your home and interacting back and forth. Your audience literally begins to feel like you were there with them. They’ll feel like they physically hung out with you in their house.

I remember watching something on the Discovery channel that explained this phenomenon but I forget it now. But I felt it myself one year when I was living in Idaho and couldn’t fly home for Christmas.

We had my parents turn on their web cam and we turned on ours. Then we all opened gifts in front of the cameras and it was so close to the real thing. We laughed together, I saw my mom crying about the gift I got her, and we even teared up when she said she wished we were there. This is a very powerful medium!

Jason Moffat uses it as a live customer support option, I’ve used it for weekly QnA sessions, John Carlton used it for a live product launch, and others are using it to broadcast their seminars to people who couldn’t be their physically.

These are just a few of the ways you can use video marketing on the Internet. If you get clever and creative you can come up with lots of other uses. You might even be thinking “I already know of all these methods” but ask yourself how many of them are you using? Why are you not using them all?

Finally, I’d like to know who you think is the best video marketer on the net. Tell us in the comments below who you think is the king of video marketing or about anyone that’s doing something unique with video. Thanks for sharing and THANKS for reading!

Go Bigger,
Justin Brooke
Internet Mad Scientist

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Samuel February 15, 2011 at 9:55 am

I think Frank Kern has changed how we look at video marketing from an IM standpoint. He takes you through a journey with him around his neighborhood in La Jolla at the same time entertaining and informing viewers. Changed the game on how we entertain, inform and sell to online viewers.

I like Devon Brown of Renegade Success. This dude is killing it with video blogging. Always engaging viewers and sharing valuable lessons!

For video sales letters I like Kim Roaches style and approach. She gives you soo many golden nuggets you don’t feel like you are being pitched and you always walk away with something you can implement immediately!

For live streaming video, Justin you held it down! I tuned in when you had the Tuesday 20 min Tackle. You and Shawna always engaged the viewers by responding to live questions on video and in chat. Assisting most of us with web traffic issues and going over marketing case studies in a live interactive forum was priceless.


Shawn Horwood February 15, 2011 at 1:40 pm

I think one person who is amazing at video marketing is Gary Vaynerchuck. That dude does everything through video because he sucks at writing (he apparently didn’t write his books, he just spoke them and someone else wrote it all down).

I say if you’re afraid to get in front of the camera because you’re afraid of judgement or whatever, don’t be. I normally can talk fine, but for some reason when I’m on camera I stutter & I say “uh” alot but people still watch and like my videos.

I’ve done multiple videos where I didn’t do my hair (and I have a major cowlick) and nobody cares. As long as you’re entertaining or educating, nobody cares. They like the fact that you’re human (at least in my experience).

It’s not necessary to get your face in front of the camera, but people like to actually see you sometimes.


Russell Smitheram February 15, 2011 at 1:50 pm

Thanks for the awesome post, Justin.

I really need to get my butt in gear and do some video. I don’t know why I’ve been leaving it on the back-burner for so long.

I find there’s so much to do with regards to marketing I sometimes overlook things.



Robbie Gee February 21, 2011 at 2:12 pm

Hey awesome tips here! I really love making video but never really made any money from it as I never really knew how the process works, until now.

Thanks, I’m off to flex my creative muscle!!
-Robbie Gee


Alex St Clair February 24, 2011 at 10:13 am

Hi Justin

Great Post! Really useful stuff. Thank you.

But I have one problem I’d like to share with you. I understand that you do what you do because it makes SALES, but I just want to give you some feedback about the idea of not allowing the viewer to control the video flow.

I may be unusual, but I really hate videos which do not allow me to pause, restart, skip around, replay a portion, or whatever. My time is valuable to me, and I don’t like to have someone else allocate it for me!

Also it can get noisy in my office. When I listen to videos I sometimes miss important stuff. I like to be able to go back without watching the entire show again!

So my solution is simple. As soon as I start a video which doesn’t leave me in control of my time, out it goes. Doesn’t matter how interesting the product, or how highly I regard the presenter, I just close the page without watching it – and move on to something else.

If I keep on getting videos like that, I just stop watching videos from that source. I may even unsubscribe if it just becomes a waste of time for me.

By the way, my internet connection speed is a low 384 kbs, and there are sometimes three people sharing it, so bandwidth is a VERY precious resource – another reason why I like to remain in control of the video play, as well as the download process. I like to be able to pause the video download, especially if its a long one, so I can sandwich in another shorter one.

I think it is simply good manners to allow the viewer to control the viedeo play process. But I guess others don’t feel so strongly about it.

Hope you don’t mind me speaking my mind on this point. Thanks again for a great post.


Justin Brooke February 28, 2011 at 4:40 pm

Hi Alex,

I love that you spoke your mind on this comment and I encourage everyone to speak their mind. This is an open community.

To your point though, not everyone feels the same way as you do. There are some people who hate video salesletters and some who don’t mind. Some people hate to watch TV, some hate to read books. As a marketer my job is not to appeal to everyone… It’s to appeal to a specific person and give them exactly what they want. If everyone felt the way you felt then video salesletters would not increase conversions instead they would decrease them. But that’s not the case.

It was a hard lesson for me to learn that it’s not about me, it’s about them. If I believe my product can truly change peoples lives and I choose to not use video salesletters when I know for a fact that I could be selling double or triple the amount of my products… Then I am robbing those people and I am robbing myself.


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