Top 10 Reasons You Must Begin Video Marketing for Your Business Today

by David Schloss

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This is a guest post written by David Schloss. You can check him out at

Video marketing is one of the hot methods of marketing to be embraced by online marketers today. It used to be said that every successful website and blog needed images in addition to text. Today, many marketing professionals are saying that a successful website or blog must also incorporate video to be successful. Why is video so important? Consider these top ten video marketing benefits to see what it could do for your business.

1. Video Marketing Seals the Deal

This is one of the best video marketing benefits. Studies have shown that sales pages that include video are twice as likely to seal the deal and lead to a sale. This means websites that include video clips usually have higher conversation rates than websites without video. As long as the video relates to what you are selling or the services being offered, simply adding a video clip could help you bring in more paying clients or customers.

2. Every Word is Heard

It is estimated that 90% of people who come to a web page full of text will read to the very end. That doesn’t sound promising for your need to make sales, but it reflects the nature of online reading. Most people skim websites looking just for the information they want to find. Video content is different, since it is not as easy to skim through. It is now estimated that about 50% of people will watch a video all the way to the end.

3. Massive Video Traffic

This is one of the video marketing benefits that is difficult to mimic through other marketing techniques. Your website cannot compete with the amount of traffic that videos get on YouTube. You can easily get thousands of viewers shortly after uploading a video, and some videos will receive hundreds of thousands, or even millions, of views. Most websites will never see that much traffic, but you can get some additional traffic to your website if it is attached to your video.

4. Attention Grabber

Videos grab attention and keep it in a way text content cannot. It takes a lot less effort to listen to a video than to read text, so visitors are naturally drawn to this type of content.

5. Establishes Credibility

Clients have to connect with and trust you before they hand over their money, email address, or whatever else you want from them. Video gives you the face of credibility and trust, so they are more comfortable working with you. They think of you as an expert who can be trusted.

6. You Become a “Real Person”

You become a real person to those who may do business with you. Rather than being this faceless person hiding behind a computer, you show yourself to be a real, honest person that they want to do business with. They start to see you as someone they might like in their real life.

7. Increased Website Traffic

Your videos can include a call-to-action which leads viewers to your website. If the content of the video is closely related to your website, then many people will check out what you have to offer. This is especially true if you have multiple videos up, so they can decide to visit your website after viewing more than one video.

8. Fast Content

Once you have a good idea of what to say on the video, you can create a video in ten minutes or less. This is a very fast way to fill a new website or blog with valuable content and start to drive in some site traffic.

9. Rapid SEO Rankings

YouTube videos often get highly ranked for their chosen keywords within days, if not hours. There is not as much competition for video ranking as website ranking, yet your high video ranks will help your overall website ranking. If you have keywords that your website struggles to climb to the top ranking for, try video marketing on those keywords.

10. Establishing Trust

The more videos you create, the more others become familiar with your face and personality. They actually start to feel as if they know you in real life. People naturally trust those they know more than they trust strangers. Therefore, consistent video marketing can help you establish a sense of trust in the minds of potential clients.

Have You Made a Decision Yet?

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Clearly, there are some compelling video marketing benefits to consider. At the very least, video marketing is another option for reaching out to your target market. If you use it for all it is worth, it could be the secret to advancing your business in a very short period of time. You could even be one of the lucky ones who find their businesses exploding after a very short period of video marketing. Make your videos professional yet personal, and they will do your business well.

About David Schloss…

David Schloss is an Internet Marketing junkie! He works with clientele in various industries and helps strengthen their online presence in the search engines and social media through his online marketing service. He documents all of his successes and failures while working online and provide a wealth of information and results on his blog at

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Jerry B. December 10, 2011 at 11:46 pm

Couple of things…

I find it ironic that this article isn’t in video! lol

As far as SEO… If this article were to be in video format,
do search engines yet “recognize” keywords in audio/video
format? Any information on that would be awesome!

Also, I’m sure #2 is a typo in saying that 90% of people who
visit websites read text all the way to the end of the page.

Good tips though! Thank you!


David Schloss December 11, 2011 at 1:13 am

@Jerry LOL Very true, but I didn’t have time when writing this post to make the video.

From what I’ve read and heard, Google/YouTube has been working on the audio/video recognition for keywords to build topic relevancy. I’d provide you with some insight, but there hasn’t been any concrete evidence that they’re releasing this technology soon.

As for #2, I’ll just have to double check the hundreds of articles that reference the percentages of people that actually read articles completely. =)


Tony Clingan December 11, 2011 at 9:42 pm

Hi David

I think you’re bang on with the attention that a video creates for retaining your attention and also in putting a human face on the site or blog owner

I may be alone in this but I doubt it in that I won’t watch videos that are more than 10-15 minutes long unless they contain valuable content, I respect the authors view or it educates

I guess this comes from too many BS blind sales letters that go nowhere

Thanks for sharing Tony


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