30 Days Inside An Internet Marketers Inbox [Infographic]

by Justin

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EDIT: This is a guest blog post written by Neal Bicker and does not reflect the opinions of SITEFling or it’s owners. It was published for it’s truth and data. Many of the marketers listed we believe to be good people and friends like Travis, Michelle, Marlon, Jared, Russell, and others.

I will never fail to be amazed at the ‘Internet Marketing’ industry. Every day is a learning process, and every day I find something of interest. Today was no exception!

To set the scene here (before you all go skipping to the fancy infographic), if you are in the internet marketing business, you will no doubt be aware that capturing leads is of massive importance.

Justin teaches this stuff on a weekly basis, so you should know!

What about when you get those leads?

What are you doing to ensure that the folks stay with you? Are you keen on building relationships, or simply looking to make a quick buck from them?

How I Got Myself Into This Mess

Since entering into the business many years ago, I have been through many email addresses. Some associated with specific blogs, or projects I was working on, and some personal ones too. I even worked out a nice system of keeping work and personal stuff separate. One such tactic I used was to set up a ‘spam’ email account, which I would then use to ‘register’ for anything that was vaguely Internet Marketing related. If I bought one of your WSO’s, or you were new to me in anyway, I used this email address.

From there, those who sent out quality emails – such as Site Fliiiiing – were then added to my business email address for regular reading. Everyone else was forgotten about.

Imagine The Horror On My Face When I Saw 5,000 Emails

Forgotten about until last night, that is. I happened to be passing time before going to bed last night when I decided to check this old email account. Low and behold, over 5000 emails had accrued since I last checked in. Rather than waste time actually reading these emails, I decided it would be much more worthwhile to waste time analyzing them…and this soon lead to a blog post and fancy infographic.

The data was taken from the last full month of emails, September 2011, and is mostly Internet Marketing related. Truth be told I am not sure who a lot of these people are, or indeed how and where I signed up to be on their lists. That being said, some interesting information could be pulled.

And so, without further ado… what was in my inbox? Well, for the month of September, I received a grand total of 415 emails, which I have since learned is below average. These emails were sent from a total of 42 sources, as listed below:

Winebuddy: 41
Seeking Alpha: 30
Mike Filsaime: 29
Fabian Tan & Co: 29
Justin Michie: 23
Penny Sleuth: 21
Jared Croslow: 21
Mighty Deals: 19
Jeff Johnson: 19
Deep Walia: 16
Day Job Killer: 15
Russell Brunson: 15
Free Premier PLR: 14
PMA: 11
Marlon Sanders: 11
Sean Donahoe: 10
Ivana & Alex – Afftricks: 10
Andy Jenkins: 9
Gambit: 8
Desmond Ong:  7
Sarah Staar: 7
Michelle MacPhearson: 5
Alejandro – HTGV:  5
Alex Goad: 5
Jamie Garside: 5
Mike Carraway: 4
Greg Jacobs:  4
Travis @ Bum Marketing:  3
Maulana Malik: 3
Jim Dean: 2
Amish Shah: 2
VRE Empire Monthly: 2
Chicago Chapter: 2
Brian G. Johnson: 2
Performance Marketing:  1
John Meriwether: x =1
Viral Monopoly: x = 1
Tim Godfrey: x = 1
Thomas Power: x = 1
Mario Xiao: x = 1
Ewen Chia: x = 1
Tom Hua: x = 1

Now before the high and mighty start flooding the comments section, I must point out that you should not take offence if you are on this list (unless you think it is ok to send 41 emails in a month). The purpose of this exercise is to analyze the data. The very fact that you are on this list is that I happen to have – at one time – either bought something from you, or found something that you said interesting enough to subscribe. There are also one or two names on here that I have moved into my regular reading email account (Yes, I’m talking to you, Alejandro).

You will no doubt recognize some of the names!

Instead of Crying Let’s Learn Something From This

So, what can we learn from this? Well, first things first, and I hope every single person who is reading this agrees with me: I don’t care who you are, you should not have to email me 1.36 times per day. If you email your list, how often do you do it? Secondly, and Day Job Killer was guilty of this, emailing day after day after day to sell the same product is a waste of both your time and mine. In fact, they emailed on six consecutive days!

Talking of selling…I scanned through the offerings for some people on the list, and Russell Brunson was a good example of mixing it up. His 15 emails were a good split between selling and telling. That is to say he offered a lot of information for free, while also trying to get me to ‘buy in’ to one or two products of his. Alex Goad on the other hand… 5 emails for the month and they all tried selling something.

Well over one thousand dollars worth of products from someone I neither know, nor trust; and someone who gives nothing back. That is to say that every email he sent me was effectively asking me to part with $267. I’m sure there are people on his list that bought stuff, and his emails will make him money, which is why I’m sure he will keep at it. For me though, I think tactics need to be changed!

An Interesting Diamond Amongst The Garbage?

Here’s an interesting one, no one appeared to be sending out emails on the weekend! The infographic will show a steep decline on Saturday and Sunday.  I wonder why. Many people trying to break into this business are doing this part time, therefore (and I know this from experience) the time that they have to dedicate to their business is limited to evenings and when? You guessed it….WEEKENDS!

Email is a funny beast, and is becoming the burden of all mankind. I find that if I don’t act on an email as soon as I read it, it is destined to sit in my inbox for all eternity.
Do I have a point, or am I sitting up all night wasting time? Well, the point is this: be kind to my inbox!

What I mean by that is that I know you are all out there trying to make a living, and you have probably read a half a dozen ebooks on how to make money with a list. One of the things that always seems to escape people in this business is to see things from different perspectives, to change things up. As the late Steve Jobs once said, “Innovation distinguishes between leader and follower.”

If you are not making money online, then stop reading too much. If you only spent one minute reading each of these emails, that is almost 7 hours of your week wasted.

Some Words of Wisdom From a Ex-Inbox-Junkie

Start doing something! There are quite literally a million ways to make money online, but reading about it…or flitting from one thing to the next is not one of them. You can start by going to your inbox right now and unsubscribing from all those blogs that you never read. I know they are in there!

Also, if you are sending out email to your list, don’t think that you are the only one. Consider that your email could be lost in a sea of other similar emails. It could also be going into a spam account like mine.  Try doing something different, like sending out an email first thing Sunday morning, so that when the budding new internet marketer wakes up early to get a start on business before his daily life takes over, yours is the email he sees. Don’t inundate people with calls for them to raid their Paypal account, and don’t just email them for the sake of it. Make your email marketing count!

Ok, Ok… Here’s The Dang Infographic

On that note, I will hand the blog back to Justin. I hope you appreciate the time and effort that went into the research, the writing and the fancy infographic (my very first) enough to leave a comment and share your thoughts.

Feel Free To Re-post This Image As Long As You Link Back To This Original Article

In case you were wondering…it took almost as much time as it would have done to spend a minute reading each of those emails!

About The Author/Designer

This is a guest post written by Neal Bicker, of Digitalprinceton.com Neal has a wealth of experience in the Internet Marketing business, but his strength is in creating great looking sites for internet entrepreneurs.

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Eric Larson October 21, 2011 at 8:13 am

Great post. Thanks for the information. I Thinks were all in this same boat.
And thanks for the tip about Sunday morning. I think I’ll try it this weekend.



Neal October 21, 2011 at 1:52 pm

Thanks, Eric.

Be sure to let us know how it goes.


Richard Dacker October 21, 2011 at 8:38 am

Hi Justin,
touche, touche, touche…what a blast to read..I can personally relate having about 10 email accounts and oh god..talk about saving the trees, imagine if each mail was posted on paper..there would be no planet left.

Damn I know times a tough, and while Nortons Spammer cruncher works tirelessly 24 hours (I usually spend that much time on my pc and laptop – sleep when..I forgot about that.) and all Gmail best efforts to trap and ward off the incoming barrage of the email junkies..there is no stopping this …hell on earth I say.

For the good info merchants out there..god bless your hearts , I like a good thing when I read it.


Alex October 21, 2011 at 10:58 am

Neal – you speak for a lot of us doing our best to make sense of the IM scene. I think I recognise all the names and there are some good ‘uns there!.

BTW One person mailed you 45 times!

Yes “Winebuddy” is Mike Carrawy, so, um did I spoil the dang infographic?

LOVE the spamcloud, oops word cloud.

Is there a sequel?



Sally October 21, 2011 at 11:06 am

This is fascinating! Thanks for taking the time to analyse your email and for creating that great infographic :) Nearly 7 hours of reading time for these emails – and that doesn’t count time spent reading the sales pages they promote! This is an astounding figure that has been a real eye-opener for me. It explains where all my time is going. The top ten marketers on your list ought to be ashamed of themselves. They are sending way too much email! I’m going to have to break the email habit now if I’m ever going to get anywhere in this business!


Neal October 21, 2011 at 1:59 pm

You are welcome, Sally. Thanks for reading.

You raise a great point, something that I wanted to also mention: the email only leads to a sales page, which leads to more time reading and ultimately more expense. It is a vicious cycle.

Don’t get me wrong, as Richard Dacker mentioned, I like a good thing when I read it. However it becomes much harder to find with the pure bulk of email being sent.


Neal October 21, 2011 at 11:23 am

First of all, thank you Justin for publishing this piece. The time and effort that went into it, I could think of no better showcase!

I appreciate you adding the disclaimer at the start too. It re-enforces the point that this was not simply about hounding people for sending the emails, but more of an insight as to what life on the other side might look like.

@ Alex – Thanks for the kind words, and the additional information. I’m glad you liked it. FYI – The word cloud was created easily using http://www.wordle.net/create (genius).

There are a lot of great names on that list, there are also a lot of names missing from that list too. I shudder to think how many emails I would have had to break down if I’d have signed up for all the top dogs. It gives a nice snapshot though ;)

Sequel…perhaps. Sticking around to answer some more comments… you bet!



Ronnie October 21, 2011 at 12:15 pm

I’m not a marketer and I haven’t checked my spammy hotmail account for months, I’m dreading the thought of opening it up. Nice post Neal, good job!


Freddie @ Invest With Passion October 21, 2011 at 12:26 pm

Neal, great work on the infograph creation. I know this was your first one, but that was quality and hilarious. The spam cloud was classic and I can tell you have a future producing a few more of those in the future.

Keep it coming, son!


Neal October 21, 2011 at 2:02 pm

Appreciate it, Freddie.


Josh Stinson October 21, 2011 at 1:06 pm

Total value of products promoted in 5 Alex Goad emails: $1335

Mike Filsaime Subject Line Word Cloud: Priceless


Neal October 21, 2011 at 2:00 pm
Forest October 21, 2011 at 6:22 pm

Awesome infographic Neal, it’s interesting how some marketers really think persistant bugging will work as good as building up a decent relationship with their audience.


Neal October 22, 2011 at 1:22 am

Thanks, Forest.

Lol @ Persisten bugging!


David Leonhardt October 21, 2011 at 6:43 pm

This is called turning lemons into lemonade…or spam into spamade. Awesome infographic for your first one.

Yeah, I get emails like that, too. I really should be quicker to unsubscribe, but it is so much easier in the short term to just delete (but it would save me time in the long term to unsubscribe).


Neal October 25, 2011 at 12:57 am

I know the feeling man. I used to look at the subject and think ‘that’s looks interesting, I will read that later’. The email then sat in my inbox for a couple of weeks before I mass deleted a bunch.

I think people tend to assume that they are going to miss out on something if they unsubscribe. Bottom line: If you are not reading them regularly, or you don’t look forward to the next email from that person. Unsubscribe.

Glad you liked the pic too ;)


orvel October 21, 2011 at 8:06 pm

30 days ago I started ‘unsubscribing’ almost 90% of the email from the faux guru crowd. I too was inundated daily with untold ‘opportunities’ to buy/join/involve/member/sell something or another. Wasted way too much time just reading each and every offer that was in my inbox, sure that I was going to miss out on some new and revolutionary deal and/or offer. Guess what? I have so much more extra time, less stress, and certainly lots more money is staying in my bank account. Freedom I say, freedom. I’m just sorry that I hadn’t done this years ago. As Mikey, from the cereal commercial years ago said, ‘try it, you’ll like it’. I did and I do.
Great article. And BTW, Justin Brooke is one of the few people I still tune-in to.


Neal October 22, 2011 at 12:58 am

I concur. Justin and Chaunna remain in the select few. I have always admired their transparency, honesty and attitude towards making money online.

I’m glad that you have taken the leap and are enjoying some new found freedom. I’m not sure if you have ever read Tim Ferriss 4 Hour Work Week, but in that he talks about using email for such a limited amount of time per week. I think he checks it every Monday or something. I don’t think I could take it that far. I’m sure we all know people waste days checking for new email. That might be another good case study?!

I appreciate your comment.


Dawn October 22, 2011 at 2:21 am

This was a GREAT post. I have so many emails from so many of the same marketers that it makes me sick to think of the time I’ve wasted in opening them and reading them even partially. I’m finally breaking my “addiction” to the next shiny object and missing out if I don’t buy it.
My pet peeve is marketers who do NOTHING but promote products while offering nothing of value in return. The Warrior Forum has become a joke. There are still rare good products there, but what happens is that these WSO junkie promoters promote the hell out of them just to make a buck. Never mind the end user. Never mind that they never bought the product themselves.
Your post just reinforces what I’ve finally concluded.


Neal October 22, 2011 at 2:25 pm

It seems like a lot of people are making the move to eliminate ‘junk’ from their email, or at least are sticking to a shortlist. I wonder how many folks actually have a spam email account now?

I have not been on the WF for a while now, although I remember it seemed like things were heading in that direction. Every half an hour there is a ‘latest and greatest’ something being released.

Thanks for reading, Dawn. I’m glad you enjoyed it.


Jay Piecha October 22, 2011 at 5:01 am

Great post, Neal, and badass infographic! :)

I love it when a popular Internet Marketing blog that will reach a lot of people is willing to post something like this. A stamp of approval from Justin makes it even more delicious. :)

I’m also happy you didn’t really write it with a “disgruntled” point of view. Instead, showing hard data to break down the silliness was awesome.

Newbies who are stuck on that “guru-chasing hamster wheel” might finally jump off after being shaken by tidbits like this one:

“If you only spent one minute reading each of these emails, that is almost 7 hours of your week wasted”

DUDE, 7 hours is a full work day! :|

In the past, I was guilty of being shackled by those inbox chains as well, but I managed to break free. I am now subscribed to less than 10 Internet Marketing email lists, and less than 20 “IM related” RSS feeds. When you subscribe to the right ones, that’s more than enough. (Fliiiiing is one of them!)



Neal October 22, 2011 at 2:37 pm

Big Jay! Let me guess, you saw this one pop up in your fancy schmancy clean inbox and felt compelled to come over and comment?! ;) I was thinking that last night…how many people came to read a post about too many emails, by way of an email.

Coming from you, I take the words ‘badass infographic’ as a compliment of the highest order.

Anyway…I appreciate the comments. I’m also glad that you caught on to the real importance of this message. Time is money, and when you are just getting started in this game, you will have more of one than the other. Don’t let folks zap your time, because that time should be better spent making money. And sure as shizzle don’t let folks zap your money before you are even making any.

When I first got started I made a promise to myself: there was enough free information online for me to be able to make at least some money. I therefore spent no money on any products that I had not made from working online. Therefore protecting what little I already had, and giving me focus to make it. Want the latest version of {insert latest must have product here} for $97? Go make it first! Don’t rely on the money you spend on all that stuff to make it for you. If you cannot make $97 online with all the information that is on this blog alone, then you are doing something wrong. If you are doing something wrong then all the investment in all the products ever invented are not going to help you.

DUDE, 7 hours is a half a work day ;)



Maggie David October 23, 2011 at 1:18 am

Love the graphic! This is an awesome post. A long time ago I unsubcribed to all lists with the exception of 2. Of Course Justin and Chaunna are 1 of those 2.

This is what I find however, they wait and wait, and then WHAM!!!!!!!!! they start sending again. So you try again and the same thing. One of the guys on your list above, who is very well known, is the biggest culprit!

One a good note though, since not getting my head cluttered and time wasted and paypal account drained, I gone on in leaps and bounds and my income increases each month.

If you are new, STOP what you are doing by signing up on those lists, and stop buying the latest new fangled dangle and follow the steps that need to be taken day after day, and you will do well.

EVERYONE, please take heed of what has been written, or else you might be added to a list like the one above!

Again, Love the post!!

Love and Light


Neal October 23, 2011 at 6:24 pm

Thanks, Maggie. I appreciate you stopping by. The common theme in these comments seems to be that Justin and Chaunna are pretty awesome, and acceptable folks to have as your select few subscribe to emails. I’m sure they will be pleased ;)

Awesome news to hear that you are on the up and up.


Mike Murphy October 23, 2011 at 1:46 am

Great post Neal. I have fought the email good fight many times myself. I recently went into my “junk list” email and unsubscribed from everyone in there except for Justin Brooke, Jared Croslow and James Scramko. That was a Hotmail account.

I then made a new account called “lists@domain.com” and move the good guys over there. I made the mistake of signing up for a couple of new folks to that list and wound up getting hammered with “other” emails.

Big lesson here – being on anymore than 3 lists at any given time is a waste. Also, when you do sign up to someones list, if you enter your name as something like “Neal Justin Brooke”, it becomes very easy to tell when your email gets sold by a shady marketer.

I busted one dude like that and he wondered how the heck I figured it out. Simple simpleton :-)

Again, great post. Thanks for sharing Neal with us Justin.



Neal October 25, 2011 at 12:51 am

Hey Mike.

It is obviously a big enough problem for a lot of people that everyone has their own little system of managing it. Nice tip on the name. I like that!

Thanks for the kind words. Glad you liked the article.


Jared Croslow October 23, 2011 at 4:29 pm

Good read, and I personally don’t take offense to being on the list.

When done right people look forward to your emails. But even when selling you need to give back and provide value.

Blog posts, videos, reports, etc.

Or just an email with a life lesson with a kick in the bum to help motivate people.

There is nothing wrong with selling, but I think people are starving to deal with real people, with real problems, and not marketing machines.

Our industry is filled with charlatans and scammers unfortunately. But there are still a few good guys out there, and some good guys who are copying what they think is good marketing.

I know I personally look at anyone on my email list, as someone in my personal circle, and it’s my job to protect them, and guide them to the truth. Not to squeeze out every ounce of them in $37 increments.

You made a great observation on the weekends, I can share another with you. Emailing at midnight EST. Most people totally forget about the rest of the world.

But this study also teaches an important marketing lesson. Email drives this business. To ignore this fact would be silly. So if you have been struggling online, step one is you need to build an email list. Preferably a buyers list, even if they just spend one dollar.

Because if you do this, then you are creating a true asset. As long as you do right by the people who come on that email list, you will have a stable business for years to come.

No matter what business you are in it boils down to this simple formula.

Leads + Offers = Money

Writing content, driving traffic, doing SEO gets you the leads.

Offering products and services is what gets the money.

More Content + More Offers = More Money




Justin October 24, 2011 at 4:41 pm

Brilliant insights Jared and thanks for commenting


Neal October 25, 2011 at 12:47 am

Hey Jared.

Glad you don’t take offense man, as that was not the purpose of the article. Thanks also for taking time to comment.

I think the thing to remember, which I kinda brushed over quickly, was that I signed up to those lists; as does everyone! There was something about each and everyone of you that made me say ‘hey…I wanna hear more from this guy’.

You raised a couple of brilliant points, but the one that does it for me…..

“There is nothing wrong with selling, but I think people are starving to deal with real people, with real problems, and not marketing machines.”


Seeing the comment that have been left hear, you might notice a theme. People like Justin and Chaunna. They openly accept them into their lives. They trust them, as real people, to deliver the goods.

The other one: “I know I personally look at anyone on my email list, as someone in my personal circle, and it’s my job to protect them, and guide them to the truth. Not to squeeze out every ounce of them in $37 increments.”


I like your thinking on the ‘rest of the world’. I’m sure it might be frowned upon as not being industry standard practice, but you are right again. If people really want to hear from you, and you do treat them like people as opposed to $37 sales then I think they will open your email regardless of when you sent it. Heck, they will scan through the subject titles and senders to find your stuff! The only issue you have is not getting lost in that sea of other email.

Anyway, I hope it gave you a good insight to life on the other side.


…and for the record, I am a genuine fan. Keep up the good work, Sir!


DianiaLee October 23, 2011 at 5:35 pm

Thank you Neal for the great post! I broke away from the “gotta read my email” syndrome a long time ago. However; cleaning it out is another story. I am ashamed to say that I have over 40,000 emails in my inbox! Sitefling has its own folder though… I have to say that the emails that I receive from Justin & Chaunna are the only ones that I actually look forward to & read. There are a couple of others that I keep too but theirs (siteflings) always have value! I particularly like the “spam email acct”. I have spent a great deal of time unsubsribing & deleting & still receive well over a thousand a month. Maybe I can now take back controll over my inbox or I might just use another one & leave that one for the spam one ;-) . GREAT post & infographic! Thanks ~DianiaLee


Neal October 23, 2011 at 6:21 pm

1000-a-month…wow. so that’s about half your work week gone, right ;)

You see, the thing about the spam box is not only that is keeps things separate, but it also means that you can scan through for items of interest. As Jay mentioned, I was not disgruntled with this fact, just thought it was information worth sharing. Some of the emails did in fact contain a few nuggets of useful information.

I am also guilty of not cleaning my inbox, and not just on that account. Must learn to act upon them as I open them. Read, reply, delete or file!

Thanks for reading, glad you enjoyed :)


Brett October 25, 2011 at 12:18 am

Love it! I know it’s not feasible but it would be interesting knowing each of these Emailers revenue from their email list for the month and seeing if there is any correlation between their success and # of emails sent.


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