How Watching Game Shows Can Increase Conversions On Your Website

by EricTransue

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Make The Decision Easy

Was Bob Barker really a ninja marketer who was sent though the airwaves in an attempt to make you a better marketer?

After examining game shows a little closer, I think it’s quite possible. Let me explain.

How many times have you seen a game show where the contestant is given 3 doors to choose from, but only one of the 3 contains the BIG prize?

The suspense builds as the contestant looks to the audience with a glazed over “help me” look on their face. I guess they look to the audience because everyone knows game show audiences have some sort of x-ray vision that those on stage don’t. After a few tense moments of people from the audience screaming every choice imaginable – blending their answers into one loud muddled mess – the choice is made.

ERRRRRR! Sorry wrong choice. But here are a few chocolate bars as a parting gift.

Why do I bring this up?

Because it’s quite possible your website is in a similar situation. Instead of physical doors your site has virtual doors. These doors can be links or other calls to action on your site.
By offering too many of these virtual doors on your site, your visitor gets that “help me” feeling.

And guess what? They often make the wrong choice. The only difference your visitor has from being on the game show stage is they have nobody to turn to. Or do they?

Use Your X-Ray Vision To Help Your Visitors

As a website owner you are the one that needs to guide them. You have the x-ray vision that can help them make the correct choice.

Don’t let them guess. Guide them to the exact action you want them to take. You know exactly what is behind each door. Now get them to open it!

Limit The Number Of Doors On Your Website

An even easier way to guide a visitor to the door you’d like them to choose, is to limit the number of choices they have. Give them 100 doors to choose from and you have a 1/100 chance that they’ll pick the right one. Give them 2 doors to choose from and you have a 50% chance of them choosing the right one.

Every link displayed on your sidebar, your header, your footer, and your content is another chance for them to choose the wrong door. Remove all unnecessary links. They are hurting more than they are helping.

Stop Linking Just To Link

This is an easy way to limit the number of doors. Just because you mentioned Google in your content, it doesn’t’ mean you have to link to Google’s site. What good does that do you?

You are trying to get them to open door number 1. But instead they are clicking on your Google link often never to return. Once they leave you’ll be cursing yourself that you didn’t lock that door.

Point Them In The Right Direction With A Call To Action

Once you’ve cleaned things up a bit and limited the number of doors to choose from, grab them by the hand and show them the door they should choose. The door they should choose is the door that is going to provide them the most value.

Did you get that? I didn’t say send them to doors that provide you the most value.

As a site owner you want the visitor to feel that they got some value from your site and your guidance. Just like game shows, if you are running a crappy site and leading visitors to crappy products and situations – they won’t be very happy. And guess what they won’t be very likely to visit again and check out any new doors you’d like to lead them through.

A happy visitor appreciates some one who has their goals and best interest in mind. And a happy visitor will return for more.

So get out your website broom and do a little cleaning. Close the doors that aren’t necessary. Then make the paths to the doors your visitors should be using easy to find and easy to open.

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