How To Submit Press Releases For SEO & Publicity

by Justin

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How To Submit Press Releases

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It’s no secret that press releases can be extremely useful for getting free traffic to your website. I can remember a few years ago when a traffic course released training on a “new traffic source” (press releases).

This course showed how just one press release could send thousands of free visitors to your website. NOT ONLY does it send traffic, but it built the credibility of your site leading to increased SEO as well.

This “revolutionary” traffic method sent thousands of IMer’s to the keyboards hacking out press release after press release of crappy content that would never be used by local or national papers…the result? A ton of people saying that press releases are a waste of time.

Fortunately, those people have given up on this traffic method and are leaving it to us – who will put MUCH more effort into the press release so that it’s newsworthy and gets results for the time we put into them.

My first tip for success with a press release is knowing the purpose for submitting a press release.

2 Reasons To Submit A Press Release

The first is to increase your rankings in the search engines. The SEO Press release is where you write up a keyword targeted press release about something relative in your niche. This release could be results from a pole on your website, how a new product affects a market etc.

Once you have the keyword targeted release ready you mass submit it using sites like or where they submit it to thousands of websites across the new for you.

With this type of press release you’re hoping to build backlinks and possibly get picked up by a couple bloggers that will publish your press release on their site. That is all, you can not expect LOADS of free traffic to come pouring in.

The second method will require you to take your time and write a proper press release that isn’t just about your new product launch. This press release will be relative to what’s going on in the world today. For example, let’s say you’re holding a seminar in a month or so on dog training.

In the news last night, there was an attack where a toddler was harmed by the house pet. You submit a press release on how household injuries can be prevented with the free training at your seminar.

Now, for this press release you can mass submit it. however, they are MUCH more effective if you take your time by pitching the story directly to the editor that writes for that section in the paper.

You’re going to have to do a little leg work here by looking up your local paper and national paper staff information. Then contact those relative writers and pitch them your story.

There is an excellent article on how to create a relative and newsworthy story. In the article they also cover how you should pitch your story to the press. Check it out here

3 Important Tips For Success

1. Be Time Relevant and Newsworthy
I know I have already mentioned this a couple of times, but it is the biggest factor in achieving success with your press release. Reporters are not looking to make your life easier… it’s just the opposite. They want you to make their life easier. You can do this by creating a story that is relevant to something going on the news today.

So, submitting a press release on how your new ebook is releasing in two says – not good.But, submitting a press release on how your new ebook saved the lives of 10 obese teens – good.

2. Write Your Press Release Upside Down
I don’t mean literally turning your letters upside down, or writing in a handstand position. What I mean is that you’re putting the best stuff at the top. Your first paragraph should have everything the reporter needs to know about your catchy story – NOT YOUR BUSINESS or website information.

Business details are boring and go towards the end of the press release.

This of this step in terms of copywriting. Your headline needs to capture their attention and its only purpose is to get them to read the next line (the subheadline). The subheadline gives them a little more information, but should make them want to read your first paragraph.

3. Follow the Right Format

Your press release will need: a headline, subheadline, body text (where your newsworthy story goes), 2-3 sentences about you (or your website), and your contact information.

I’m not going to cover what goes in each of these because there are hundreds of tutorial posts already out there on “how to write a good press release.” The press release format and tips I follow are in this article here. It is an excellent lesson on writing your press release correctly.

One thing you should know…. when you submit a press release that doesn’t follow the proper format or reach the right person you make yourself less credible and hurt your chances of success.

Like I said, take your time with the press release, pitch it to the right person, and then get the results you’re looking for (loads of free traffic).

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Rob February 25, 2011 at 10:56 pm

Thanks Justin,
Improving traffic is high on my list. That is why I’m reading this post on a Friday night:) Now, I will get to writing that life-saving ebook.


Maggie February 28, 2011 at 6:16 pm

Amazing! Thanks so much. My press releases have never been good, this will help me so much in this area. In my SEO flow chart, I have press releases, and sometimes I am ashamed to say, I have stepped over this box, as I have been a little unsure of how to write a good press release, BUT Never again!

I hold my hand out for you to give it a slap my mentor for being such a wimp!

Once again, Thanks Justin my mentor, with your help 2011 will be my best year yet!


Justin Brooke March 1, 2011 at 9:00 am

Aww Maggie you are too kind. Glad I could be so helpful to you.


John February 28, 2011 at 9:46 pm

Hi Justin,

I know press release works and i am ashamed i didn’t full use of this.


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