How To Start a Podcast The Quick & Easy Way

by Justin

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How To Start a Podcast

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Some people may argue that “podcasting” is not a traffic method, but I beg to differ!

Getting website traffic, and you’ll here me say this a lot, is about attracting eyeballs. iTunes is a marketplace full of eyeballs and the way you attract those eyeballs is with a podcast.

Once they are on your podcast they will hear or see what great advice you have and look for where they can find more from you.

This is when they find your website link or hear it mentioned in the show and VOILA – WE GOT TRAFFIC!

How To Start a Podcast In 3 Steps

  1. Choose your topic. Make sure you think about who the target audience is and what they want to hear about. Most people make the mistake of talking about what they want to talk about without ever taking into consideration what their audience wants to hear.
  2. Record and upload your show. Make sure it’s somewhere with an RSS feed. I cheated and used Blip.TV because I was doing video podcasts from our old weekly livestream shows. However, if I was just doing audio I would have used because they are cheap, host your files, and make it easy to submit to iTunes.
  3. Submit to iTunes. It’s literally that easy! Once you create your Podbean account and upload your first audio file, they will give you an RSS feed for your podcast. This RSS feed is what you will submit to iTunes. (Click here for more info on submitting your podcast to iTunes)

    From there, you will want to create a good Podcast icon and description though to “catch browsers eyes” as they peruse the marketplace searching for podcasts on topics they like.

Cool Tips For Starting a Podcast

Proper Microphone Placement

This one makes me LoL a little bit because some people take this WAYYY too serious. It’s just a fancy way of saying to eat your microphone while talking and don’t record from the kitchen while you mic is in the office! The “proper” placement is about a hands distance away from your face.

If you really want to get perfect you should hang the mic just above your lips and to the left. This will take out all those weird noises your lips and breath make when you talk. I think they call them “Plosives?”

An Ounce of Preparation

Great podcasts aren’t scripted but they are outlined. This keeps you from having that “What should I say” moment where your mind goes blank because you are nervous  recording yourself. It also helps to create segments or a format to your shows.

For example maybe you start out with some news, then move into a book review, and then a really cool website you found.

Gives the readers a way to create “their favorite part” of your show which keeps them coming back for more. Just be sure to stay consistent with it and explain any inconsistencies when they happen. People get irate when their favorite show isn’t on at it’s normal time!

Make it Easy To Subscribe

There’s only about 3 people in the world who REALLY understand what RSS is and does. Instead make it push button easy to subscribe to your podcast and give very clear instructions at some point of your show.

Not everyone wants to subscribe the way you want them to subscribe either, make sure you give them options. I once forced my blog subscribers into one option that I wanted them to take and even incentivized it with a free offer. My subscriptions tanked like Brittany’s career after she shaved her head.

One great option is to use so people can subscribe via email. Which makes it instantly understandable to most people.

For a more cool tips like these read this article or read this in-depth checklist for starting a podcast.

Last but not least, what podcasts do you subscribe too? I’m always looking for more good stuff to load onto my iPhone. Leave a comment and tell me what you like.

Justin & Chaunna Brooke

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Justin Brooke
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Samuel February 17, 2011 at 11:14 pm

“My subscriptions tanked like Brittany’s career after she shaved her head.” Haaaaa!! Nice analog! Good idea though because most people have their ipod or phone synced while on their laptop and having that iTunes icon on your blog for people to subscribe to your podcast makes it much easier for them to get your content. I think podcasts are still underutilized yet a great way to get exposure since it seems everyone has one of these mobile devices.


Tony Finbarr-Smith September 28, 2011 at 11:46 pm

Well, since you ask, I’m subscribed to “Internet Marketing This Week” (whenever that gets released), the “Internet Marketing” podcast by those English chaps (very good), and Diggnation (hilarious video podcast).


melanie vare January 25, 2012 at 4:50 pm

very helpful! thanks so much!

I like these blog:


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