Guest Posting on Blogs: The Do's & Don'ts

by Justin

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guest posting on blogs

Your Stats Will SOAR!

Just about every Internet marketer knows about article marketing, but if it had a big hulking muscle man of a brother…

His name would be “Guest Blogging!”

In the blogging world this is all the rage, EVERYONE is doing it. In the “IM’er” world it’s starting to catch on a bit but it’s slow goings, because this one actually requires some work.

What the bloggers know about traffic though is that traffic is attracted.

Internet marketers still think it’s “generated.” Which is why they keep toiling away with mass submission software and keyword stuffed articles that are spun more times than the laundry.

Instead of trying to find diamond in the rough keywords while writing a scientifically perfect article and then praying Google sprinkles a little love on your article, you can guest post on blogs!

You’ll tap into an already established reader base and get an “in content backlink,” which is vastly more valuable than a blog comment or article link. Your own site will gain strength in the search engines and you’ll get legitimate traffic from clicks on the link in your guest post.

My Guest Blogging Mini-Case Study

When I did just 5 of these last year I noticed my blog start making dramatic shifts in the search engines. Instead of working my but off for long tail keywords, I now rank on the first page with a single blog post.

No link wheels, just write a post, submit, wait a few hours for Google to index and BAM – Front page! And late last year when I stopped blogging for awhile, I still got 150 – 200 visitors a day to my blog. All thanks to the hundreds of searches my blog began to rank for when doing guest blogging.

As I continue I’ll gain even more strength and be able to take over medium level keywords and then my main site will eventually rank for the big pie in the sky keyword I’ve always dreamed of ranking #1 for.

Anyone can do this, all it takes is an ounce of preparation and a couple hours per week dedicated to writing.

Here’s How To Get Started

  1. Use Google blog search and technorati to find blogs in your niche
  2. Compile a list of at least 2o and sort them by traffic
    (use and to determine traffic)
  3. Depending on your confidence level start at the top or bottom of the list
  4. Start by researching what topics are the most popular on their blog
  5. Once you have your topic go to Yahoo answers to find out what common questions people have about that topic
  6. Write the best article you’ve ever written about that topic and make sure it answers some or most of those questions
  7. Make sure it’s spell checked and formatted in HTML like you would have it in your own blog
    (H2 tags, bolding, italics, short paragraphs, images, bullet points)
  8. Save it as a .TXT file and send it to the blog owner asking if they would post it as a guest post with your about the author blurb

How To Increase Your Chances of Being Accepted

Don’t Write a Bad Article

Bad articles are articles that are boring, lack real content, have no personality, long paragraphs, lots of self promotion, over-hyped claims, are keyword stuffed, and have poor grammar. I believe everyone is a good writer, but most people think they are not.

I’ve studied “what makes content good” for years – it’s my livlihood – and I’ve come up with this…

Good content is content that answers questions, confirms suspicions, or introduces something new. If you think about it like that, I believe writing a good article becomes much more realistic.

Start With Hungry Blogs First

It’s easy to try and go after the biggest traffic targets first. Everybody wants to be mentioned on Oprah!

But even a guest post on a barely read blog in your niche is better than 80% of the links your building right now. Plus, top bloggers want to see that you have a track record before they allow just any ole blogger off the street to get in front of their subscribers.

It’s much easier to approach a couple bloggers that are “on their way up” who are hungry for more great content than to go straight to the “A-Listers.”

Look For Open Signs

This is already a widely used VERY successful traffic method in the blogger world. Which means a lot of blogs already have “submit a guest post” links, pages, and buttons on their sites. Heck, I even know of niches that are paying people $10 – $25 per article just to get more blog posts.

Run a google search for phrases like “submit guest post” or “guest posting guidelines” and you’ll find bloggers that openly invite guest posting on their blogs. Add into the search your niche and you’ll find guest posting spots relevant to your market. For example click here to see this search I ran

Follow Other Guest Bloggers

Use Google to find out where authors that have already done guest posts in your niche are showing up. Or even ask those guest bloggers if you can write for their blog… They obviously are ok with the idea!

Actually Write & Submit One

We’ve got a saying here at SITEFling that goes like “all it takes is action and action builds confidence.” We can sit here and talk about all the do’s and don’ts all day, but the real education and fruits of labor, come from actually doing the labor.

Get out there, and write a guest post. I know you’ll do a great job and I promise you will get better and better each time you step up to bat.

Justin Brooke

Get More Website Traffic Tips

P.S. If you know of some resources, links, or any guaranteed guest blogging spots please tell us about them in the comments below. I ran a search for “guest blogging network” and found some helpful information.

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Samuel February 13, 2011 at 11:36 pm

Guest blogging is definitely the best way to leverage other blogs traffic and readership base. With that said do you think article marketing is losing its effectiveness?


Justin Brooke February 14, 2011 at 1:15 pm

I think article marketing has evolved into guest blogging. When article marketing first came around the hot spot to submit your articles too were the article directories and then the spammers came into town. Every sign points to guest blogging being much better than article marketing.

The question everyone should ask themselves is…

Would you want to compete with someone in your niche that had their own blog, blogging daily, doing guest posts on all the other top blogs… While you’re just making Squidoo lenses and writing ezinearticles?

At the same time, I think Article Marketing especially the way I teach it in SEO Bully is crucial for reputation management and dominating a search page to shut out competitors.


Eleazar February 14, 2011 at 7:03 am

For almost three years working to make money online, I didn’t try guest posting to attract targetted traffic and get some of my keywords rank high in the SERP. Whew what a great opportunity I missed! But now, I resolve to start my guest posting campaign. It’s not too late for me to do it now. With the lessons I learnt from you, I’m strong enough now to face the challenges ahead with open mind and positive thinking. I know I can earn money in my online business and retire from my day job two years from now.


Shawn Horwood February 14, 2011 at 2:41 pm

Another thing I’ve found with guest blogging is you don’t have to stick to your niche. You can post in related niches too (depending on the niche you’re in). For instance I’m in the fitness niche and a lot of people interested in self defense are interested in fitness, so I can guest post on self defense blogs as well. And that’s just one related market.

I can attest to the fact that your blog rises in the search engines with guest posting. I’ve seen HUGE changes in my rankings just from a few guest posts.

If you’re willing to put in the effort, guest posting works really well.


semmy @ Make Money Online February 17, 2011 at 3:57 am

Ahhh Justin you did it again!! What a nice post! I just want to started writing a guest posting. You write informative article about guest posting!! Thank you very much!!


Joe February 22, 2011 at 1:53 am

I’m a bit new to this. I appreciate that you would want your links in your guest blog post to backlink to your choice of page ie; homepage or internal page according to your keyword. Do you include additional links in your article as well as your resource box (about the author)? Are these affiliate links? And, do you also aim to get opt-ins from these links?

I hope I’ve put all this correctly????


Justin Brooke February 23, 2011 at 9:49 pm

The way it works is you write a really good valuable piece of content for another blog. When their readers read it they will appreciate the value you have added and since it’s good information related to their interests they will be interested to learn more about you.

This is where the “about the author” bio comes in. You explain who you are and why they might like to hear more from you. For examples go to and look at the right sidebar. There are links to my guest posts there so you can see how I did it.


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