Explosive Free Traffic Using Torrent Software

by Justin

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Torrent Traffic

Arrrr... Ye Want Some Traffic?


I wanted to start out today’s post with a caution to all of our readers. Today’s topic on torrent traffic is an awesome way to explode your traffic with free resources that you put out on the web.

However, torrents are most popular in the “hacker” side of the web and when you’re using torrent traffic you need to tread carefully.

We’re going to do our best to show you all of the safe tactics you can use to use torrents effectively for driving traffic to your site. Just be sure to read the caution tips below before downloading or submitting anything.

Many people have heard of torrents because of it’s popular use in sharing copyrighted material like movies, music, books etc. I’m not advocating that you use torrent softwares to submit illegal material.

In the website business side of things, torrents can be use to share any form of free digital content  audio, video, pdf, softwares etc. Just as you submitted your free ebook to ebook directories, you’re going to do the same thing with a Torrent.

Step-By-Step Torrent Traffic

Step 1: Download & Install a Torrent Client.

A torrent client is a computer program that will allow you to create a torrent for sharing, as well as manage your uploads and downloads from torrent websites. Be sure to read the CAUTION TIPS below before selecting your torrent client.

Step 2: Create a Source File

For this step you’re going to create a new folder on your desktop and name it something relative to your document…a keyword, a catchy title etc. Add the file you want to share on the torrent networks to that folder you made on your desktop.

This file can be a pdf ebook, and mp3 download, a video, etc. Remember this file should be YOUR content – not copyrighted material.

Now you need to zip that file. If you’re on a Mac, just right click and compress the file. If you’re on a PC you’ll need a program like winzip to create a .zip file.

Step 3: Create a Torrent

Open your torrent client and click on “create torrent” or “make torrent.” This will bring up a dialogue box that asks for the source file (the zip file you created in step 2). It will also ask for a tracker and the publisher details.

The tracker is a code that transfers data about the torrent including how many “seeders,” “leachers,” and downloads the torrents received. Don’t stress about the tracker, most programs automatically insert a generic one for you.

The publisher details are basic info like your name, website, etc. Fill this out and click ok.

Step 4: Share Your Torrent

The next step in getting torrent traffic is to upload the torrent you just created to torrent networks. Most of them will require you to create an account. They’ll send you a confirmation email to make sure you’re giving them correct information and you’re not just spamming their site with illegal content. Follow the registration process.

Once you’re registered to the torrent network click on “upload.” Which will bring up a dialogue box that asks you to select your source file – the torrent you created in step 3. The name, category, and description. You should fill all of this out.

The name or title of the torrent should be a catchy title (something that makes viewers want to click and download your torrent over others). The category is simply weather you’re submitting an ebook, software, video etc.

In the description, be sure to fill out a keyword trageted and benefit rich description so that you improve your chances of showing up in searches related to your niche. Don’t skip over the tips below so taht you get the most out of your torrent submission.

Terminology you might want to know:

Seeders – the seeders of a torrent are people that have already downloaded your torrent and are uploading them again. They are the people who are giving others the opportunity to download the torrent. The more seeders the faster the download will go.

When you first submit your torrent you want to click the option that says start seeding – you’ll be the first “seeder” for your torrent.

NOTE: By keeping your torrent client open for 24-48 hours after your torrent submission you increase the ability for others to download and become seeders too.

Leechers – these leechers are people that are sharing content they have, but only downloading yours (not seeding it for others to download).

NOTE: When searching for torrents you want to pick the ones with high seeded torrents. If there are no seeders the download will never finish.

3 Tips For making The Most Of Your Torrent Traffic

1. In your .zip file that you’re submitting to the torrent sites, add in a website shortcut. This can be a link to your website, a link to your blog, an affiliate link to a related product etc.

Most people that download torrents will open the main file they downloaded (your ebook, software or video) and overlook the rest. However, about half of the torrent downloaders will look into the other resources that were in the zip file.

2. When you submit your torrent, the description of your torrent should be enticing. You want those seekers to select your torrent over the others. So make sure you’re putting the benefits of what they get… not just a list of what they get.

3. Be relative in your title and description. If you know there are popular topics, keywords, names, or websites in your niche that people are searching for. Include them in your title and description.

This will get your torrent will show up in the searches for the other related keywords. DO NOT LIE HERE or you’ll only have frustrated people coming to your site. Make sure the description and keywords you’re using are popular, but more importantly still relative.


! Be sure that you’re clicking the correct download button when downloading your torrent client.

Many of these sites have cleverly placed ads that will pop up 18 pages of junk if you click the wrong link. Or send you to a pay per download application where you think you’re on the right track, but they’re actually making a commission on your download and it’s not even the program you wanted.

! When you download and install your torrent client (the software needed to create and share torrents) read all of the installation questions carefully.

When I downloaded the torrent client to my Mac, the install went great and I just had a new software to use on my computer. When Justin downloaded the torrent client to his PC he was asked if he wanted to change his internet homepage, install tollbars, optin to mailing lists etc.

The wikipedia for this has an awesome graph of all the torrent clients available and if they are malware, adware, and spyware free.

! We HIGHLY suggest using a computer protection software.

Justin suggests (and uses) malwarebytes as a free protection program for your PC. If you’re not using a computer protection program, he suggests that you be comfortable with removing viruses from your computer. We’re not saying this WILL happen, we just want to protect you if for some reason it does.

I know I ended with the risky caution here, but don’t be too afraid to give it a try. Have questions? Have proof this worked for you? Post them in the comments
Have a great day!

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semmy February 19, 2011 at 8:26 am

Hi Justin this is the post what I’m looking for. Oh ya I want to ask something about this one, whether this method is applicable to CPAs offer?


Rob March 8, 2011 at 6:53 am

Hey Guys,
Which one has worked best for you?
Is there one to steer clear of?
Thanks. I’m heading over to wiki.

Live it LOUD!


mike March 8, 2011 at 11:55 am

good stuff. i’ve tried this in the past with mixed results.. i was able to to get quite a few downloads, but 0 conversions. i might revisit this and see if i can get it to work better this time. maybe i just need a little tweaking.

thanks for the reminder.


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