eBook Syndication From Start To Finish

by Justin

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Ebook Syndication

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Hey All! Chaunna Here… I know I only sneak onto post every once in a while, but Justin asked me to talk a little about how I used ebook syndication to start driving traffic to a side project I was working on. So here it goes:

Towards the end of 2010, I started up a site in a small crafting niche. The only traffic generation effort I was using was blogging on topics/keywords that would get picked up in the search engines. This was improving the SEO of my site, but not really increasing the traffic.

When I decided to “launch” my new product in this niche, I needed to start building a list and driving traffic. I went to Justin to help me out with driving traffic because I’m normally just the behind the scenes person, but for this site I wanted to be more hands.

Well, instead of just telling me what to do, he actually bought me a traffic course. It was Kim Roach’s Traffic Dashboard (Here’s our affiliate link if you want to give us some love). He said I’d really like it because she promotes a lot of free traffic methods and he was right.

The first method I decided to try from her course was ebook syndication. In it, she shows how you take your free content, submit it to a couple of sites, and turn that into traffic to your website.

I followed what she said, and in the first week got 4 new optins to my list and 28 hits to my site all from the ebook syndication efforts.

3 Easy Steps For Ebook Syndication

1. Create an Ebook.

I know for many of you the thought of writing a full book and then just giving it out for free is insane, but it doesn’t have to be. First, thing of what to put in your ebook. The content you put in your ebooks doesn’t have to be a hundred page novel. However you want it to be quality content related to your niche (or main product).

This free ebook that you’ll be submit to the ebook directories should be 7-15 pages. It can be a short tutorial, a free report, or a collection of trainings on a topic. You could even turn a series of blog posts into an ebook and submit that to the ebook sharing sites.

Once you have the content created you need to turn it into and “ebook” which is pretty simple these days. You’ll just need to convert the document into PDF format. You can do that by searching PDF converter in google. (These are normally free).

2. Get an Ecover

Notice how I didn’t say “create” an ecover? Well, with sites like fiverr.com there is no need to use up any of your time creating an image of an ebook that you can submit with your pdf to the ebook directories. While you’re working on creating that ebook you can have someone else creating you a professional graphic for just 5 bucks.

3. Submit Your Ebook

Some sites make it super simple by just submitting your information through a contact form. Other sites will require you to link back to them before they put your book on their site. You can find these ebook directories by searching Google for “ebook directory” or “ebook sharing site.”

I submitted my first ebook to free-ebooks.net and GetFreeEbooks.com. I plan to give some others a try shortly, but wanted to get my feet wet first. Now that I see it delivers results, I’ll definitely submit to more for my next campaign.

Getting The Most Out Of Your Ebook Syndication:

Create a Catchy Title

You want to entice browsers to download your book over ALL of the others they have to choose from. A good title will help improve your odds. You should use a popular related keyword in your title so that it shows up when they search through the directories.

Also, think of something that will spark interest in the browser – 7 Steps to…, The Complete Guide to…, 101 Ways To…

Get readers to want more.

After you’ve created the awesome ebook your readers will want to get more from you, so make it easy for them. At the beginning of your book, link back to your site with a “sponsered by” message.

Now, throughout your book, refer to some of your other content and link to it – some of your more resourceful blog posts, other training etc. Topics and resources that will get them to click the link back to your website.

Turn those free readers into subscribers

We don’t want to waste all this effort, so at the end of your book give the reader an incentive for subscribing to your site. Offer them another free ebook (related) for opting in or provide them with a coupon to one of your products and turn them into a buyer.

Why I Think Ebook Syndication Is Worth The Effort

I know some of you will look at this and say… TOO MUCH WORK. But it really isn’t. This entire process took me one afternoon. I took one of my tutorial blog posts and pasted it into a word document. I added some pictures to give it more in-depth detail and then saved it as a pdf.

The creation part was the longest and took me about 2 hours (because I was overly ambitious in the design). Then I spent another 30 minutes submitting the document to 2 of the ebook directories.

This 2.5 hours of effort boosted my traffic, increased my optins, and I only submitted to two of the ebook sharing sites -and there are LOADS more for me to submit to!

Something else that I just have to point out is that the Kindle, Smartphones, and iPad are making it easier and easier for people to make their digital content portable. The users of all these devices are looking for more an more content to fill them up with which is why these free ebook sharing sites are bringing in so much traffic – traffic that you can cash in on.

Ebook sharing and ebook download are only going to get more popular over the coming years as more and more people hop on the digital bandwagon.

Last but not least, Take ACTION! Give ebook syndication a try and drop a link in the comments with an ebook you have out on the web and grab some of our traffic :)

Have a great day!

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semmy @ wp design February 18, 2011 at 8:25 am

Hi Chaunna thanks for a great tips!! I think I’ll try this one for my new product! And tracking it.. thanks


Shawn Horwood February 18, 2011 at 12:16 pm

I actually have done a bit of ebook syndication before and got some traffic from it. I made the mistake before of trying to send them straight to a sales page (not really effective) but just sending them back to an optin form or your site with lots more content can work well.

I gave you guys some love and got the course – figure I can outsource the methods to someone else while I keep focusing on what I’m already doing. :)

Great post Chaunna!


Rob March 4, 2011 at 6:52 pm


And here I thought Justin was the brains behind the curtain:):)
A little off topic but I just wanted to say one of the things that kept me at SiteFling were the videos of you and Justin working together. My wife and I are trying to build freedom together, and you guys rock it.
Now, if I could only get my wife to let me buy that program…
How many words would be in a 7-15 page ebook? 400 per page roughly?


Fluffy Bunnies September 13, 2011 at 3:45 pm

Thank you very much for this nice post. But, I had a question before diving into it. Do we have to do any promotion for these ebooks too to get readers for these books?


Justin September 13, 2011 at 5:46 pm

No, you do not need to promote the ebooks once you put them into the network. However, it never hurts.

P.S. I advise you read our comment policy ;-D


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