8 Video Types Any Business Owner Can Create Today

by David Schloss

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This is a guest post written by David Schloss. You can check him out at Rampify.com.

Video Set for Episode 02 (Camera)

Video marketing for the local business owners starts with YouTube. You have probably watched a video or two on the site before, and chances are you have frequented the site to find information in the past. Would you have ever guessed that it could be the key to driving more customers to your business? If you choose to embrace video marketing, it could do just that for you.

Video marketing makes you an authority figure in your industry, so consumers trust you. In order to do this, your videos must be accurate, entertaining, and packed with valuable information. If you aren’t quite sure how to create videos that meet those criteria, use this quick list of eight video types that do well on YouTube:


You do not have to choose just one type of video. You should work on creating a variety of different videos in different styles, so each one offers something of value to viewers.

Slideshows are the easiest to create, so they are a good starting point. Throw together some photos that can be combined with background music, and you have a simple slideshow that will represent your business.


  • Interior decoration makeovers
  • Latest fashion for fall, winter, spring or summer seasons

Text Videos

Text videos are basically slideshows with text added to the slides. You may choose to use a variety of images as well to make your slides more entertaining. PowerPoint has some advanced features that will allow you to make very informative slideshows that are also funny and memorable.


  • Legal tips
  • Pre-surgery tips and advice


Does your company have a symbol, image or personality that is used for local marketing? If so, you have the perfect idea of an animated cartoon that can effectively brand your YouTube videos. Video marketing is perfect for branding, and cartoons grab attention and leave a lasting impression.



Would you like to show others exactly how your best products work? Do you know you could make more sales if these products could be caught in action? If so, whip out a camera and capture action on film. You are creating a demo video that will hopefully be viewed by millions of viewers online.


  • Facial care demonstrations and tutorials
  • How to cook a Thanksgiving turkey


If you are selling products online and want to make it clear where your products come from, a tour video is the perfect option. This is also a great idea if your goal is to advertise online for local customers. Simply walk through your facility and document all the exciting events taking place inside.


  • Housing inspection
  • How to spot a faulty house


If your business depends on your own reputation and trustworthiness, you should consider putting up at least one good interview with yourself (or with the owner of the business, if not you). Make sure to hire someone who can give a professional interview with questions that you arrange ahead of time. The interview should give potential customers valuable insight into who you are and why you are qualified to do what you do.


  • Doctor giving medical advice on new medical conditions
  • Car specialist that has test driven new car models


Testimonial videos are similar to interviews, but you allow your customers to speak on your behalf. You can have loyal customers record 20-30 second video clips praising your company, and then compile them into one video marketing tool.



Finally, you have the documentary. Not all businesses can make this type of video, but if you can, it is a powerful video marketing tool. Dig out all of the historical documents and pictures you can find for your business, and show the rich history on video. Consumers feel more comfortable with businesses that have been around for generations, so this could give you a very competitive edge.


The goal of video marketing is to set up a channel for your local business, and start adding high value videos. These videos should catch the attention of people who have some amount of interest in what your business offers, thus driving some of them through to your website and eventually through the front door of your local business.

About David Schloss…

David Schloss is an Internet Marketing junkie! He works with clientele in various industries and helps strengthen their online presence in the search engines and social media through his online marketing service. He documents all of his successes and failures while working online and provide a wealth of information and results on his blog at Rampify.com.

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Martin January 26, 2012 at 7:57 am

You are very right Dave. Visual has obvious advantage over other things so using videos, we can leave a lasting impression. I believe the key to this is how you start the video. Be sure to get the viewers engaged from the beginning. Use short phrases that are creative to sell your product and most importantly, try as much as possible to leave a lasting impression.

Great post Dave


Jupiter Jim October 20, 2013 at 11:12 pm


Great examples of what kind of videos that people can shoot! Anybody can do a slideshow or text video. And the next step up would be demos and testimonials! Quite simple, yes, but also powerful techniques.

Thanks for sharing!

~ Jupiter Jim


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