6 Stealth Tactics to Make Your Webinars Rock Like Gene Simmons

by jimmywrex

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Webinars often convert at 40%. Not all of them of course because it depends on the niche, the presenter, the offer and a few other factors, but 40% is a good target in my experience.

Compare that to the 1% – 2% conversions you get from promoting Clickbank products and it soon becomes clear why webinars have exploded in popularity over the last couple of years.

You might think that in order to get such an increase in conversions you’d need to keep the price low too. That’s just not the case. I’ve seen products priced at $197 convert better on webinars than offers of $9.90 on the Warrior forum.

Think about that for a moment. Lets say you are doing a webinar. You approach other bloggers and offer them 50% commission on your $197 product. If you get 100 attendees on that webinar and convert at 40% you’ll walk away with $3,940 while your affiliates take the rest. Not a bad payday at all.

Webinars rock like Gene Simmons on crack because you can really grab the attention of the audience and demonstrate value. You can interact and engage on a much more personal level. It’s much easier to get the audience to KNOW, LIKE and TRUST you in person than through an impersonal sales letter.

However, if you want to hit the dizzy heights of 40% you’ll need some stealth ninja tactics. Luckily, I’ve got your back!

Below you will find 6 proven ways to pimp your webinar. Build these factors into your presentations and you’ll send your conversions through the roof.

1. Plant and harvest seeds:

Before you script the webinar make sure to list out the various benefits and features of the product you will promote at the end. As you script the webinar make references to the various components of the product as you go.

So for example, in the body building niche, you might say: “whenever I want to bulk up for a contest I just start the pre-contest diet plan I’ve worked out over the last 3 years. I start this 3 weeks before the contest and it always adds 14lbs of solid muscle.” Then move onto the next item. Later, when you finally reveal your product you mention that included in the package is the pre-contest diet plan that you mentioned earlier. This tactic works because you’ve created the desire without the pushy selling.

2. Yes means yes:

As you present the webinar make sure you ask questions to the audience that lead to either a mental “yes” or a typed in “yes.”

By getting your attendees to say “yes” to small things during the webinar you are conditioning them to say “yes” to your offer. Combine this with the seed planting idea above. Talk about a feature of the product and then say “can you see how that would be useful?” By the time you get to the offer your audience has already admitted to themselves that they want the product. Does that make sense?

3. Build credibility:

You see the gurus doing this all the time. They love mentioning that $1M they made in 24 hours or how they were driving around in their Ferrari. I’m not suggesting you BS or make stuff up but it definitely helps to drop some reasons why people should trust you. For example, if you can drop some important names then do it. It’s called success by association. Aligning yourself with other trustworthy and successful people in the niche can only be a good thing so do it.

4. Use stories:

Stories are how we make sense of the world. The story is by far the most powerful selling tool I’ve ever come across. It allows you to frame yourself as being in the same position as the prospect. That helps you build empathy and understanding. Then you introduce the game changer! The reason why you are where your prospect wants to be. Simple but effective. Just make sure you’ve fully researched your prospects so you don’t miss the mark.

5. Build massive value:

When we did our forex webinar recently I told the presenter to give away some amazing information and to mention during the presentation the price of the $197/mo membership. The idea was to have attendees considering whether or not to pay $197/mo as they were being hit with more and more reasons to join. The idea was to convince them that $197/mo was a great price for the service. Then right at the last minute hit them with a massive discount. We offered them lifetime membership at just $97/mo. More than 50% off! Sales rocketed.

However, this might not always work. In some cases you’d be better off waiting until the end of the content section of the webinar. You could then build the value up by ’harvesting your seeds.’ Work out a price and then offer a discount. This is the normal method used on 99% of webinars I’ve seen.

6. Reason to act now:

Pour more fuel on the fire. By now your prospects understand how and why your product is going to help. They realise they’re getting a great deal. Now for that final push!

Add scarcity into the mix by limiting the amount of places available. This will give people a reason to act now and will even entice the fence sitters who might have wanted to sleep on it. Put this on steroids by offering the first 10 or 20 people a fast action bonus.

Does that sound good?

Don’t be scared off by the logistics involved in doing a webinar. I recently helped set one up and it was nowhere near as painful as I imagined. Just think back to that first website you made or article you wrote. It seemed like a mountain to climb at the time, right? Now it’s a mere mole hill. Well why should webinars be any different?

About Jimmy Wrex

Jimmy Wrex is a Niche Experimenter. You can find more traffic and conversions tactics over at his blog, NicheExperiments.com, where he and his buddy Pete blog about their niche marketing experiences and generally lark about.

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Joshua January 8, 2012 at 4:10 pm

Great article Jimmy! I did my first webinar last month and it kinda BLEW!! lol good thing the host was quickly able to take over.

My mic was not punching through correctly so they couldn’t hear me. So I think having the right equipment should be tip number 7


jimmywrex January 9, 2012 at 11:45 am

LOL, yep having the sound on is essential. At least you wont make that mistake again. :)


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